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So they say that Rome wasn't built in a day...

Well, the expression that Rome wasn't built in a day is certainly true for us at the moment.

We now have our two beautiful shepherd huts on the farm - but not in quite the right location!

Tormented by the weather and the rain deluges of the last couple of weeks, the ground is too wet to manoeuvre 4 tons of Oak framed shepherd hut and trailer into the huts permanent resting location.

This is coupled with the ultimate challenge of our drive. For us this has always been a route of joy - a mile off the beaten track and with our farmland around it, a chance every day to check what is happening and marvel at the scenery and landscape which changes daily.

However, we have of course always felt that it does have its limitations: single track in the main, with a fabulous ancient Oak to navigate around a third of the way along, a number of sharp turns coupled and a significant dip; it isn't always a drive for the feint hearted! Unfortunately, the large HGV that has bought the huts to the farm one by one has found the challenge of the dip just too much for the style of vehicle. So until Thursday our huts are marooned in a field half way along the farm drive waiting patiently for their moment.

We meanwhile, are itching to get them ready for our guests and share this beautiful environment.

Roll on Thursday!

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